Monday, August 23, 2010

My First Hand Quilted Quilt

 Yay! Another project finished!

This quilt was stared in June of 2008 and I put the last binding stitch in last night.  This is my first experience hand quilting.  I didn't hand quilt the whole top myself, but I did do a good 80% of it.  Two years ago I was asked to demonstrate hand quilting at the local bean festival in town. I had a few ladies from my quilt guild helping out as well as my daughter and a bored little girl from another booth.  Unfortunately, we didn't get very much quilting done at the event so that left me with the majority of the quilting to finish up myself at home.

I really wanted to get this quilt off the UFO pile.  So these past couple months I made it my priority to finish up this quilt.  I am excited that this is my first hand quilted project.  I must say I am no expert in hand quilting yet.  But with more practice I should be able to eventually get nice small even stitches.


  1. Wow, they look like tiny stitches to me!

    I am taking hand piecing at the QSC Retreat; I'll let you know how I do.

  2. Thanks Donna, I tried to take the a photo of the best section of quilting. The other parts are not so pretty. With kids helping and my horrible beginner stitches on some of the blocks I decided it was best to keep those spots away from the camera. :)