Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Side Tracked

This past Saturday I went to the Hobby Lobby.  It is one of my favorite stores and I can browse there for hours on end. But the main reason for my trip this time was so my daughter could get some more beads for her jewelry making hobby.   I hadn't planned on buying anything for myself and I almost made it out of the store empty handed, but that quickly changed when I got to the fabric section.  Now, I didn't get any fabric, and I wasn't even tempted, except for that pink paisley which I just patted and walked away from. Instead, I found something I felt I couldn't live without when I went to the discounted notions wall.  Hanging near the bottom I found a cross stitch kit on sale.  Why it was in the fabric section instead of the cross stitch section I don't know and normally I am not tempted with a cross stitch kit, but this one had pretty beads in it and it was a picture of a quilted cat named Scarlett done by Jim Shore.  It was discounted from $15 to $5.  So I snatched it and her friend Petunia up and headed to the cash register.  I halted progress on the three current projects I am working on and have only been cross stitching for the past couple days.  I am so excited to finish this cat that I do believe it will be one of my few projects that gets started and finished without me doing any other projects in between.  Now if I could just do that with all my projects and not get side tracked with new ones, I might not have so many UFO's.

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  1. I see why you were tempted....cats,quilting, crosstich.....and cheap....a must have.

    I want you to bring the COMPLETED pair to Guild and I will nag you til you do! (That's called motivation in case you wondered) :)