Sunday, October 4, 2009

Embroidered Daisies Postcard

I spent the afternoon working on this postcard.  At first I was in the process of cutting out purple fabric for a quilt I'm working on. But as I was cutting, out of the blue, I thought that four of these purple triangles would look great on a postcard.  So I fiddled with them on a blank 4x6 piece of peltex and started adding more fabrics.  Then I thought to myself, it would look great with some hand embroidery on it.  So I got out my DMC floss and fiddled around.  I am still a beginner hand embroiderer and this is the first time I have done straight stitching to make a design, but I think it turned out lovely.  Now I just need to decide who should receive this in the mail.  :)


  1. Must be a post card making kind of day where you are too! Here, it is damp and cold outside--a good day to stay inside and sew. Nice post card! I like the hand embroidery!

    The Cozy Quilter

  2. I like the postcard, the colors are great and you did a wonderful job on it!