Friday, July 17, 2009

Drawstring Bag

My daughter was invited to a birthday slumber party tonight. I didn't really want to go out to the store and just buy a quick gift. I always have hard time picking out a gift at the store when I don't really know what the person wants. That is probably why I like to create most of the gifts I give away. Most of the people I know always enjoy quilts and bags. :) This gift was no exception. But this time my daughter wanted to help in the creation. We decided to make her friend a drawstring bag with her name on it.

Here is my daughter posing with the present for her friend.

I got my pattern from the drawstring bag pattern that was recently posted at Moda Bake Shop. I had my daughter pick out the 5 inch squares from my scrap bin and had her put them in the order she wanted. Then I sewed them together. I had her do the ironing though.

When we were done making it, she kept telling me the strings were too long. I kept saying, "Are you sure?" So she posed for me so I could see how long the drawstrings really were. After seeing the picture to the left, I trimmed the drawstrings right up to the edge of the bag which made a big difference. That is my puppy Dean in the background in the above photo. He is 8 months old now.

I did end up changing the pattern from the website a bit. Since I wanted to embroider a name on it, I made the second to last row a solid color, and I also added a lining. I wasn't sure how much this bag was going to be used, but if it did get a lot wear, I wanted it to be sturdier and I felt the lining would help protect the seams on all the charm squares.


  1. Very well done! And, your daughter will get bitten by the crafting bug no doubt when this creation is ohhhed and ahhhed by all her friends! THey'll ALL want one and you and she will enjoy some more sewing time together. I had 3 girls and none of them care to is artsy, so maybe later in life the quilting bug will get her...I hope so...I'd so love to have a quilting partner to share my addiction!

  2. Leah it came out great and what a great gift to give!

  3. That is a great gift idea! Makes me want to get an embroidery machine so I could personalize gifts like that too. I am toying with the idea of making little purses as the goodie bags for my daughter's upcoming bday party. (sort of princess-themed, but more like Fancy Nancy). Need to find some cheap boas too. Only hold-up, is not sure I really want to take it on.