Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dresdens Going Together

I've been spending the week hand appliqueing down my Dresden plates.  I have six more to go.

Halfway done.


I am glad my kids still like to hang with me when I sew.
I use to give them buttons to play with when they were little,
Now they have upgraded to the pins.
This is what my 16 year old did with my pincushion yesterday.



Caz said...

Love those colours, and the litte pin flowers!

Sooli said...

What a lovely quilt your dresdens are going to make, they look great! Very stylishly arranged pins too.

Michelle said...

Love it !!
My boys do stuff like that.....they even stuck all my pins through the neck of a stuffed doll pincushion I made......only boys would do that.

dortha said...

It going to be such a pretty quilt. I miss my boys leaving me little surprises.


Well I just love the Pincushion !

Caz said...

Lovely choice of colours,,, think I have similar in my stash!

Leanne Parsons said...

Your dresdens are gorgeous. Lovely pincushion decorations too!