Thursday, June 4, 2015

Black and White Plus One - Lonesome Beauty

Today was the reveal of the Swamp Fox Quilter's 2015 Guild Challenge and now I can show of my entry!  The theme this year was "Black and White Plus One." There is no gray in the quilt at all.  The illusion of gray is formed by picking out fabrics with tighter prints and varying amounts of black or white in each print.   

 The designed for this quilt came about by fusing three different quilts I saw on the internet:  The center Lonestar the outer ring of Lonestar blocks, and the stripped diagonal border.

I took several progress photos along the way with my cell phone.
 Since I worked on this quilt at various times each day, they all have different lighting.
Working full time and trying to get this quilt finished in time for the show meant random sewing times and several quick 15 minutes sessions during lunch breaks.

As I was putting the top together, I noticed the outer edge of the Lonestar got a little lost next to the black and white border fabric, so I decided to give the whole Lonestar section a skinny black outline.

Basting with the help of Sheen.
It never fails, when there is a quilt on the floor to be basted, Sheen is always here to make sure the pins are all in the right spot.

 I did continuous curves in all the diamond pieces, and some freehand in the New York Beauties.

 The borders got some fancy feathers, but they get lost somewhat in the busyness of the darker fabrics.

All those hours of shopping for the right fabrics, cutting, sewing, and quilting paid off and I am excited to say the quilt won Best of Show in our little quilt show!  It also won Best Piecing, Best Use of Theme, and second place for Machine Quilting!  I am super excited!



  1. All I can say is WOW! Your quilt is beautiful. I'm a big fan of black and white and you did a wonderful job. congratulations on those ribbons.

  2. Congratulations. Beautiful quilt.

  3. it is no surprise at all that you won all those awards, this is just incredible! Such skill, both at design and creating to piece this and then quilt it. I'm blown away.

  4. Outstanding! It is fabulous when all the time and hard work pay off so well. Wish I could see the quilt in person.

  5. Absolutely deserving of every single ribbon it received! I love how the black and white small-print fabric fools your eyes into thinking it's gray. So smart.

  6. Definitely well deserved winner, Leah! This is truly a stunner!


  7. What a beautiful beautiful beautiful quilt! Congratulations!

  8. That's absolutely breath-taking! Wow!