Sunday, February 22, 2015

Project Quilting: Week 4 - Have a Heart

The theme for week four of Project Quilting is Have a Heart.  Our project had to have at least twelve hearts in it somewhere.  I started with a photo from this post over at the Quilting Board.  The pattern comes from a book called "The Bargello Heart" by Nancy Podolski.  I didn't have time to order the book though so I had to calculate my own dimensions.  Mine turned out double the size from the inspiration photo, so I doubt I got the dimensions right, but mine looks like the photo and I am good with that.

I started out cutting 2 1/2 inch strips from 12 different fabrics.  

Then I sewed them all together in a tube and cut them in what looked like the right size widths,
After that it was just a matter of opening the tubes at the right seams to get the heart design.

I finished the quilting and binding late last night with 12 hours to spare for today's deadline.

I named this one My Growing Heart.
The twelve hearts start in the center and grow in size with each new color.
The quilt measures approximately 72 x 53.

I did a lot of different quilting designs in my all over quilting - hearts, feathers, flowers and swirls.
Just what ever I felt like quilting when I got to that section.

I used an orange flower print for the back.
Since it was only 44 inches wide, I split it down the middle with a blue strip.
Fastest way to do backings for me without having so much fabric leftover.

One last picture of it, because I love it so much!

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Voting starts at 1pm eastern time today.



  1. Wow that's just gorgeous! I love the heart and bargello and the colors.

  2. Great bargello and your colors are perfection. Your always make me drool with your colors and patterns. The size is incredible in a week. You set the bar high this week!!

  3. I really need to try bargello at some point, this quilt inspires me

  4. Bargello is on my bucket list! This is lovely!

  5. I so want to try a Bargello someday! This is beautiful! You did a great job definitely deserved viewer's choice! Congrats!

  6. The colors are so vibrant. It looks almost psychedelic (I mean that in a good way.)!