Thursday, July 8, 2010

Machine Quilting For Others

I am trying to raise money to finish my quilt studio upstairs and to help with the cost of renovation, I have offered my services as a machine quilter.  Now, I don't have a long arm -yet- so all my work is being done on my domestic sewing machine and a few of the ladies in my quilt guild have graciously offered to let me work on their quilts. So far I have finished two quilts, and have a third in progress.

The owner of this first green quilt specifically requested a very loose meandering.

 On this second quilt I did a swirly meander and then a little leafy swirl on the border.

The quilt I am currently working on is enormous! 130 x 110. I barely had enough room on the hardwood to pin baste this monster. As you can see, I can't even get the whole quilt into the photo. But it is now basted and ready to go. This one will also have a swirly meander on it.    There are a lot of puckers in this quilt though, so I hope it will turn out all right with a loose swirly quilting.


  1. A longarm will definitely make that huge quilt easier to handle! :)

  2. I remember when I was doing machine quilting on my Bernina. My shoulders were so tired. Hope you will be able to get a long arm soon! I am happy with mine:) You will get there in time. Lovely work