Monday, December 21, 2009

Journal Cover

When I saw the tutorial on the Moda Bake shop for Journal Covers I just knew I had to make one, and I had the perfect person to give it to.  One of my friends loves to draw sketches but she has been drawing them on index cards, so I decided to get her an art journal so she can keep them all in once place.  It also allows you to rip the page out if you wanted to without ruining the book, so it is perfect for her. 

The pattern called for twenty one 1.5 inch strips cut into 4.5 in lengths.  I have a bin just full of 1.5 inch strips. - that is the smallest size of fabric I save. Anything smaller than that goes into the trash bin.  Since I had that bin of precut strips, most of them are leftovers from other projects, I was able to pick out the 21 different strips in no time.  The pattern called for some plain linen for the solid top and bottom pieces, but my fabrics were so bright, I didn't feel like it would go well together, so I added a nice bright yellow for the top and bottom fabrics and boy does it make the cover pop.  I love it! 

For a final touch, I added my friends name on the front. I like being able to add that personal touch to the things I make whenever I get a chance.  It just makes the gift seem so much more personal.

I like this cover so much I do believe I need one for myself.  When the holidays are over, I can get cracking on one of these for my art journal.  :)

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  1. Your Journal cover is awesome! the fabrics are bright and cheery what a lovely gift for your friend!