Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Months of the Year RedWork

I found these machine embroidery designs years ago on the internet when I was searching for "free machine embroidery designs". Each one symbolizes a month of the year. The set I have stitched out is the little girls, but there is also a little boys set.

In the past I have stitched out the January and February designs and used them for postcards. (Here and Here). But for the ones I have pictured here, I plan on using them as the centers of a double Irish Chain. I already have them set in the center blocks. I just need to make the 5 patch blocks to go with them. I totally forgot about this UFO so I better add it to my list, which brings the total to 11 unfinished quilt projects. I better get crackin'.

Unfortunately I can't remember the site where I downloaded the designs from, but I do remember they are no longer free to download. A couple months after I initially downloaded them, I went back to the same site and they were then listed as "for sale". I figure I got lucky on these. Unfortunately today, I can't find the web site again where these came from. :( Hopefully they are still out there and I am just not typing the right words in the search engines. So, if anyone knows who the designer of these are please let me know. I would love to be able to link to his/her site.

*UPDATE* - Vicky has found the designer, YAY! Heather's Home Designs. And she sells her designs here: OregonPatchWorks. Thanks Vicky!!


Vicky said...

Thank you Leah, I don't mind paying for them, I looked for redwork designs, I found many but not these.
Thank you so much for the info

Vicky said...

Oh, those girls are adorable and your blocks are so beautiful
Thank you Leah

Vicky said...

Hello Leah
Sorry to bother you so much with this, but the mystery is solved!!! I found them at Oregonpatchwork and they are Heather's home desings. Good luck with the UFO, I am looking forward to see the quilt.
Thank you so much

Leah said...

Hey Vicky, it is not a bother at all. Thanks for finding where they originated from. They are great designs and stitch up wonderful. I will have to check out some of her other designs.

~~ Leah