Friday, December 29, 2017

Zebra Quilt Finally Finished

These next few days I'm going to show off my last few finishes for this year.  I have three. Today I will show off the Zebra quilt.

 I Started this one in March of 2016 as a pattern tester for Tartan Kiwi.

The hardest part was picking all the fabrics. I ended up deciding on a rainbow backgroud and pulled all my batiks for this project.

I used black and white  kona solids for the Zebra.

I finished the top in April 2016. Her belly has a funky bump because I printed the front half and the second half at separate times. And one printed a little too small. 

When I printed one half I printed it while I was looking at it in my web browser, which was a mistake. When I printed the second half I printed it from adobe reader. I clicked the check to make it print without scaling both times, but the one printed in the browser printed slightly smaller which I didn't even notice till I tried to sew the front to the back and the back was too big. 

I didn't want to redo the back so I fiddled with the belly piece till I could get it to match the the front half.

In October of this year I got a new toy and the Zebra quilt was the first real quilt top I quilted on my new long arm machine.

I finished the quilting and binding in October.

In December I finally took it to the beach for its photo shoot. It was a little windy that day but I did get a couple good shots. 

There were actual horses walking on the beach that morning, but they were too far away to show up in the picture with the Zebra.

I really like the colors in this one and the Zebra turned put great even if she does have a big butt. 

This one was also listed on my Q4 Finish-A-Long. This makes two finishes this quarter!
You can see my original 4th Quarter UFO list here:  Ambitious 4th Quarter List


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  1. What a brilliant quilt. Love the contrast between the B&W zebra and the gorgeous saturated colours of your background fabrics. On behalf of the 2017 FAL hosts, thank you for participating in this quarter's Finish Along.